Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3-Bowl Elevated Feeders!

Got multiple pups? Why not let them eat in style out of one of Merlin's Bark Products custom made three bowl elevated dog bowl feeders. Three bowl feeders are must haves for multiple pup homes and for those lucky pups that need multiple bowls to hold their water, wet food, and dry food. Since our elevated feeders are custom made, they are always made to the perfect height and can be stained (or painted) the perfect color to go with any kitchen.

This elevated dog bowl feeder pictured was a custom order created for a customer and stained in traditional cherry. Check out Merlin's Bark Products selection of available paint (and stain) colors to find the perfect match for your home.

Did you know that elevated feeders are a great thing for a pup (or kitty) to have. Not only do they look nicer than just a plain old bowl setting on the floor, but elevated feeders are very beneficial for pets too. Does your pet eat too fast or cough and gag when eating? Giving them an elevated feeder to eat out of is the most common solution. Veterinarians recommend elevated feeders because they help ease digestion problems, and are easier for pets that have problems with arthritis, neck or back problems to eat out of. Also, using raised feeding bowls help provide pet owners with a more hygienic and cleaner house. How great is that!

Interest in doing a customer order? Just ask. Custom orders are always welcomed!

I'll be barking to you later!

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